Need help to create admin app

Can anyone help me to create application of admin to upload or update , create, delete the data on the Google spreadsheet also upload a image of limit to cloud diary because incordular the extension is not working properly and permission error is there

for details see also

please let us know your budget
thank you


200 to 500 hundred rupees its just an simple and easy app all the logics and design is ready only you need to implement them on android studio

500 rs or about 6$, doesn’t seem a reasonable amount at all if you want these things implemented in Android Studio

You can make in kodular to no problem , its nothing hard only to creat a data on g sheet update the data on g sheet and to upload any image to cloudainary that all

The design and the basic part is ready by me with the aia file if you are able to do on kodlar then well and fine