Need help with "Extend Moves Outside Canvas"

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since the last time I was here.

Anyway. Lately I’ve been experimenting a bit with the canvas component and I can’t figure out if there’s a way to move a sprite (actually just a portion of it) outside the canvas boundaries.

Correct me if I’m wrong but this checkbox should do the trick, shouldn’t it?

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work. Whether it’s checked or not I still can’t move the sprite any further than the canvas borders.

Is there a way around that problem? (Preferably without extending the canvas outside the screen as I’m then saving the image on my device and would like to keep only the part of the canvas I can see on my screen)

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I tried searching here and on Google but without any luck. I only found this thread which doesn’t solve my issue Canvas: New property Extend Moves Outside Canvas is not working correctly

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That property is not for moving sprites outside a canvas. It’s for detecting moves (dragging) that start inside the canvas and move outside of it.
To simulate moving sprites outside the canvas, make the canvas bigger than the screen. That way the sprite will keep being inside the canvas but outside of the view window.


Kodular is strong.

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Okay this makes sense but if I make the canvas bigger than the screen is there a way to save only the portion of the canvas that I can see as an image? (And not the whole canvas)

In that case I would put the canvas inside an arrangement. Make the arrangement the size of the screen (or any size you need the image to be) and the canvas bigger. Then when saving the image, use this extension to save the arrangement, not the canvas.


Thanks. I’ll test it tomorrow and I’ll let you know if it worked!

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Sorry for the delay. I got some free time today and tested out and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the help!

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