Need more features to be added in Chat View

Hello Everyone

I want a feature to be added in chat view in kodular of getting user online, offline, typing, deleting message, file sharing and voice message sharing option also.

I request Kodular to add all these options to chat view.


  • Need more features
  • No more features needed
  • I will do it with poll

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All this can be done in blocks

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But I think that it should be there so it will be easy to be done

As if needed then only poll. I am not forcing you.

But if you want that so please vote in the #post1

This can’t be manged with chat view, you can mange it with On Resume , OnStop methods.

You don’t use chat view for typing,deleting,sharing ,etc… u use a text box/cloud storage for uploading for that, so it isn’t related with chat view


You can visit here :upside_down_face: