Need to open gallery to get content for Stories and Profile Photos

What is the name of your app? Fikn

Describe your app: Dating Platform

Download link: Fikn.apk - Google Drive

Hi Friends,

I have a wesbite called for dating and have app inspired mobile website for the same. Tried making an app through Kodular and got successful a bit by using Web Viewer.

However, I am stuck as this is not letting me to open file manager/gallery to grab images/videos for profile picture and stories which is required by my application and already coded in the web.

When you try using mobile website it allows you to open gallery for adding stuff (please check my app and mobile website). Please help and guide me to enable the app to open container so that my website can pick stuff from phone.


You can use image picker for this.

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Tried using Image Picker but it works with additional button, however, my website have built in button. to upload and add profile photos. I do not know how to make trigger through that. They are working and triggering correctly through web browser but not on this.

Maybe CustomWebView can help:

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Thank you so much for the responce and will to help me.

I digged deep under knowledgebase but Kodular WebViewer does not support image uploads. My Badluck as loved the features and everything, need to look for another provider now.

Source Link : Upload File in Webview

Can someone suggest me other provider?