Needed help regarding dynamic button

My problem is:
There is no any image block like picture below in dynamic button.
So when there is no such block then how can I set a dynamic button containing image at its background and text over the background like this:
If anybody have other ways to do it then please tell me because I have to create 100’s of button like this. So manually uploading will not work for me.

Export any button and set visibility to false…

Now create dynamic button…

Then from Any Component block you will get set button image in which component will be id of above dynamic button and image will be whatever you want…

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There is no such block for dynamic button that is set button image is not available.

What do you mean by this? I don’t understand.

See here:

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Thanks @Yoshi for sending image…:heart:

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No problem… I just was somewhat faster than you :hugs: :two_hearts:

@Yoshi @nikzdreamer2001 I said there is no block to set image for dynamic button. Please check it. Look at the image below.

:joy::joy::joy: Right now you will be because I’m using phone

What do you want to say with this image? :thinking Also, we can’t see any block clearly bc of resolution.

Export a button and set visibility to false… and you will get background image in button's any component

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In which component will be dynamic button

@nikzdreamer2001 There are two different blocks. So it didn’t work.

Check in any button… you will get background image block

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He wants to set image in dynamic button, sorry there is no such block…


@Boban It means I have to wait for next Kodular update or not.

You can use yusifcihan’s dynamic extension to create button and set image to it…

@nikzdreamer2001 I have found it before you told.

I have found the solution. Use this extension to do such tasks.

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