Neeed help with a API Answer in JSON (News feeds)

Hello JSON knower,
I need help with JSON and list view.
I have a API URL and get the answer in Json. I have Json Extension and collin tree listview.
In the json answer you get the URL of the IMG (preview image), the Title, the URL to the news, and the Body for Content.

I worked around 2 dayys now and i have no possible function.
I want to have a list with all news of that feed. Each article is a List Element.
And if you click on a listview your browser or web viewer opends and show you the news article.

I know how to work with lists and so on but i have no idea how to work with that json and a list.
If i have this data in firebase i know how to work with but i dont know how to get the data out of the json

Can someone help me pls, i know for a knower of this, that for him is this 3 mins of work.

Thanks guys

Can you Give the URL or the JSON text? Thanks

the url is in the text in the (( but i delete hhtp )) but here again (s: // feeds = cointelegraph & extraParams = YourSite))

I am also excited to know this

JSON and list of lists: example1 and example2
PS: please ask only in the community of the App Inventor distribution you are using and not everywhere. Thank you.

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I Made the App will send it to you soon…

Well i am sending the AIA Soon

I have made the App. I hope this is what you are Looking for :
NewsFeedAPI.aia (4.1 KB)

You can use this website : Best JSON Viewer and JSON Beautifier Online to see Json and understand it properly in case of a complex Structure and if its a simple one just looking at it will give you the idea.

If you need any more help just ask me and if this solved your issue Mark this As the Solution as well.

PS: I was busy with some other Work so i took a long time to help you Sorry for that


thanks for your ansewer, Taifun, but this is not that how it works for me i dont know how to use this whith my block and with collintree i look that i bring that to work and than i change it to colin treeview (want)

In my example i have the problem with the lengh of tist (data) i have 3 object in the json data. The third one is the data object what i have to open and there are from 1 to 50 or more ID, each id i can open where i have different tags with values like title and so on.
I dont know how to count all id. i get each tim -1 bc its an object.

But i will look now into your method maybe i can
work with that.
And with that aia file from the other guy

Thanks man for help This posts are useful, i dont worked with that block in the past- Good to know

You can understand this from the aia i made

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Thanks man really really nice. Give me a Ettherium adress i will send you next week or so a donation for a coffe or so.

Perfect man i saw it, i change it only to collin tree bc of more possible design changes. thanks again. i can implement that now in my app. next part done. only 30 news pages left. and a few other things.

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Thnks sooo. much.


Happy to Help!

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Thanks i like to help and give everything for free so that all can enjoy.

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I was looking to do this a long time ago. Thank you!. It also works with rss ?. Maybe you can help me how to get the metadata or Open Graph of a link. Thanks again! :raised_hands:

I can help you get the metadata. Send me the url of the site from which you want to get the metadata and what must the app do

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I don’t think so. If you receive the data response as JSON then the method will work

Thanks for your input, I finally got to understand the answers that the API returns in JSON


same as me, it is easier than i thought.

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Happy to hear that

Yes API is very easy once you understand the data structures

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