Neither Unity nor Facebook ads are loading properly, why

  1. Neither Unity nor Facebook ads are loading properly, why?
  2. My apps are crashing more and more why?
  3. On button click no unity and Facebook ads are showing why ?
    App is just opening and it closes itself, why is it handing a lot ?

Don’t use unity ads component,because it’s crashing the app on Android 11 and 12

What about Facebook’s ads and apps crashing in one app I am using only Facebook ads on button click full ads action will be done but it is not loading y ? And app closes automatically why ? Is it crashing so much ??

I have similar issue where the app crashes when you call facebook interstitial ads on android version 11 and 12.

Tried few things like giving app permission to storage, phone, network.

The app stopped crashing but the ads are still not showing in android 12.

Not sure if it is an issue where the facebook component is not updated iin kodular.