New Commissions System

ADs are catered to your interests. Cookies track what you most search for, and the AD networks use the information for personalized ADs.


Indirectly you are saying, I search adult thing? :joy:

Man take my phone, Maybe its almost 2yrs passed havent searched or watched anything like that. Even its blocked in my country

VPNs exist. All I’m saying is that the AD networks serve personalized ADs. :man_shrugging:

and if I keep my app ad free then also will Kodular display their ads :thinking:

If you don’t use any ads, Kodular will also not display any ads. They can only do that if you add ad components.


I can do something to clear doubts:
If you will use ads in your app
Then Kodular will show ads
And if you do not use ads then kodular will not show ads.

Use ads >>>>> Kodular will show ads
Do not use ads >>>>> Then no ads from Kodular

This is totally imposible, as Unity Ads does not have that kind of ad inventory
They are only games

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Unity ads have gambling ads and we can select ad categorys. Unity ads serve every type ads

As you can see there is gambling and dating ads maybe @arponjisan seen same ads.

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There are games with 18+ content.


This is a nice idea but if u can start a own ad company or else u can tie-up with some companies and ask them for a monthly payment for adding their component instead of charging users a commission


Why wouldn’t the developers charge users who earn money from their apps they made with Kodular for the service they provide. The developers get a piece of the money you make. It sounds like you want 100% of the money of something you get for free and are not prepared to give a piece of what you earn. Without Kodular you would have no money at all.



Instead of showing 10% ads of Kodular , Kodular needs to show ads only when ads is Unavailable to show (Ad Unable to Load) . AdMob(and all ad networks) Avg. fill rate is 70% (Or 60%) means 70 of 100 ads were shown. Now, we have 100 ad request and 70 ads will only show in our app. Means our 30 ad request is waste .For us , it is a waste(we cannot produce any profits from this ad request) but not for Kodular . Kodular can use this 30 ads as Commission . Now, Kodular have 30% Commission and Kodular users have 100% profit. :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings: :moneybag: :dollar: :heavy_dollar_sign:

and please forgive me for Reviving this Topic and sorry if this already implemented


Actually, this is wrong… If you get Fill Error, we also get it. You base your proposal on the assumption that we get 100% fill rate.


okay, let Kodular have 30 ads and the fill rate is 70% (which is same to Users) . So, after doing Maths, I find that Kodular is still in Profit . Now, Kodular has 21 ads = 21 %. It’s better than 10% .

And it really better for Users to have 100% of their profits.

Also, we know Kodular uses Startapp ads . So, the Startapp fill rate is 95% Because it is a CPI network(Pays only if ad clicked and app installed ) and all CPI ad Networks provide around 100% Fill rate because there is no Profit and Loss for Developers and Advertisers for showing ads

While Kodular has none?
Why do you think so?
How will Kodular work if their earnings are stopped?

please read the full post before replying

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Hello dear Kodular, I understand the review that you must do with each application and I also imagine the work that this implies, however, I see some faults that this process has.
In my case, I already had an approved app, however, before uploading it to the PLay Store I found an error in a simple name within the application, when correcting it, it went to review again, this makes you have a double job and lost time for us developers. I think you should have some change comparison algorithm, so that if the changes are not big you don’t have to go back into the approval process.

PS: I hope kodular sticks around forever as it is a great tool for creators.