New Experiment Create AI in Kodulor Free aia

I MAKE A app in Kodulor Inspire from Bing Image Inspiration Feed ai
so i make this app without any api and for free just using some logic
if anyone gusses right than i will give this aia for free

Deomo video and apk here
Silkai (1).apk (4.4 MB)

Some Bugs to fix and also improve ui in some time

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You Used the Meta Llama Extention in that by @mahmoud_hooda


Wrong answer :slightly_smiling_face: mistakely I gave wrong apk you can see demo video

No I am not using it any database api :slightly_smiling_face:
Real Demo apk = Silkai (1).apk (4.4 MB)

It’s Technically an Extension so yes it’s not n API but an Extension.


You Have Already some Images saved with Tags describing the image. The Tag you select in List Picker, Random 4 Images of the Dimensions Mentioned are Displayed. So Logic is

for Each Item in List "Image_Details"
    if listpicker.selection a Thing in List "item" 
        then, if "Dimensions" = Listpicker.selection 
                       then Add item to List "Matches"

Wrong answer :slightly_smiling_face:

I am not using any database

Is this intended behaviour?

I used unsplash url to generate randomly image

Please check also this

so its a webview in a card ? wow .

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now you realize that :melting_face:

btw are you open to publish other projects on your website for sale ?

means i dont understood