New Extension SPG[Strong Password Generator]

Presenting new extension:-
io.bbl.spg.aix (10.1 KB)


Feature: This will provide u 16 digit/letter Strong password


Please give us more :wink:


Unfortunately you forgot to follow the naming conventions

Also what about revealing the algorithm you used, so anyone can see, that your extension really generates a strong password?



This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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As far as I know Jewel is a good developer and Jewel has a good name in the community so you can’t come and ask someone to report him.

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it will generate a 16 digit Secure Password

SPG Blocks

You can use this in label, text box

io.bbl.spg.aix (10.4 KB)


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Good work :clap:

but for user attraction pls use some screenshots regarding how it works.

Attach the output either from app or by using do it function.

Is it can be achievable by simple blocks?
A 16 digit … random number between start and end of 16 digit? Or it is different than that?

Good work, however there a few points that you need to bear in mind when creating extensions.

  1. Please, always, follow the naming conventions. In your case, change your block name to GeneratePassword. I don’t see a reason for not following it. This sets up a basis, and allows your blocks to much more clear and readable.
  1. Define “secure”. A password with alphabets? Numbers? Special characters? All of them or some of them? There are already several examples of accomplishing this without blocks, with my favorite example here: Strong password generator by Dora, extension-free. This includes special characters and numbers!

Me too have suggested few more ways to generate alphanumeric password :wink:

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Can i get extension developer badge

There is no one here who has the authority to give you any badge except for the staff, but develop yourself first and you will definitely get it :wink:

Thanks for motivating me!

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there have been several questions from different users… unfortunately you did not answer them… what about doing that now?
Also you forgot to follow the naming conventions, see again Strong Password Generator[SPG] - #4
Please adjust the extension accordingly, provide some more explanations and adjust the screenshot in the first post

Also please add a disclaimer like this (by @TimAi2 )

I make no claims with regard to the effective security or safety of the passwords you can create with this extension, you should do your own research. You may find these links useful:

How Secure Is My Password? | Password Strength Checker |

Thank you

PS: I will unlist this thread meanwhile