New improved Notification Extension

You can use as you need, not for alarm though, as has not made for that function

is it possible to save multiple alarms which will work too if a user sshut down the phone and start the phone agai. I know that i can reset an alarm after a restart with the reset component, but what i dont know and understand how do that work when i restart the phone but i dont start my app where the alarms are generated.

I want that the user can set an alarm and if the user restart the phone or shut it down and start the phone again that he also get his alarm without to start the app.

Is that possible with that extension please explain me this.
Thank you

I really want to use this extension but it doesn’t work on SDK version 28 only on version 22. I know this because Kodular sets the SDK level to 28 by default and then the notifications don’t work but if I use an APK editor app and change the “Target SDK Version” to 22 the notifications works.

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same here does not work, wanted to use it but after 2 days of work i deleted it.
I hope it will be fixed.

Demo app not download.

You can download from the same topic on :appybuilder::

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Please note that this extension doesn’t work on API26+.

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I answered this question in another community…
Please don’t ask the same question in multiple communities.

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Create a new topic.
This thread has nothing to do with that.

please give aia file to uderstand extention

FYI: This extension doesn’t work on Android OS 8.0, 8.1, 9.0 or 10.0


I Can’t able to download!!!
Error Code : Access Denied
Can you provide some other download links…

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how to use this extension any guide and screenshots for block,
help is much appreciated

If you downloaded aix from AppyBuilder’s community, developer provided a demo aia to see how it works. Check it

it shows error while opening aia ,switch error

Then use unchive to view the aia.

Will the improved version work on API 26+? If not can you make it for API 26+?