New Screen Export Bug

Trying To import “D” screen to green screen project From Effects Market Project but “videos” screen exporting bug.mp4 (3.8 MB)

Check your ais, it probably contains all the screens in it



So what is the solution ?

Try to remove all the screens that you do not want


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ok … thanks

new error

Does that screen uses some extension or assets as they are not exported


Assets and extensions are not included in AIS file so check if any extension or assest is missing in your new project.
It has been already requested in IWant category.

i am using Easy Dialog Extension but it imported in both projects
Now i cant remove this screen when i click on remove it shows "report a bug " message

Then we need some more information.

cant remove screen

its a simple webveiwer screen no assets need

Looks like it has renamed extension as well


Open AIA file and remove that screen manually.

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You are right sir

I have removed and imported aia

there is something mistake in my aia Companion keep crashing in live testing after refresh screen
can you check my aia manualy ?