Screen Export Problem

When i Export any specific screen and import to it another project then imported screen will be the first screen of the previous project.
when we export any screen in project it only exports the first screen

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You need to go to the screen to which you want to export and then click on export screen

  1. Open exported (.ais) screen file in WinRAR.

  2. Go to src folder

  3. Delete all screen files (.scm & .bky) except which one you want to import.

  4. Save.

  5. Now import saved screen file (.ais) in your project.

For example.

I have 2 screens in my .ais file : screen1.scm, screen1.bky, screen2.scm and screen2.bky

Now I want to import screen2 then delete screen1.scm and screen1.bky files and keep screen2 files as it is.

Save .ais file.
Import it.

You will see only screen2 is imported.


Scm. Formate cant import… It shows error of ais file… Amd when i rename its not working

You have to import .ais file not .scm

I did but not happening… Let me send you pics

Showing me these three… Now i will deletw other files except scm

now save this and import it.

When im importing … Showing me error to slect ais file… Because its scm… Not ais…

dont select scm file, you have to select ais file to upload.

this is happening with me

These import files are unable to remove and when i click it shows me bug report

Your imported screen has Dialogs extension. It is missing in your project. So, you have to first import that extension, then it will work.

I dont have extenion i download tht login and sign up aia from youtube… Is tgere any way to extract… How to get tht extensiom

Search on community for Dialogs extension.

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