[New Update] Fusion Player - Dynamic Online Music Player [Pro/Free AIA]


(Vishal) #21

it working… so no need to go off topic here. keep it straight. People will get confused.

(Vishal) #22

New Updated APK (Online Music Player) - Fusion Player.apk (6.6 MB)

Whats New -

  • Dynamic Category
  • Dynamic Music According to Category Selected
  • Download Music
  • AdMob Integration
  • Side Menu
  • Splash Screen

(simson peter) #23

@techcvr hi sir I need fusion player AIA. How much it cost

(Etienne LL) #24

@simsonpeter A lot of work and time I think ? :thinking:

(Vishal) #25

hi… @simsonpeter

check out this video to know how to get this AIA by paying or for free - YouTube

or you can chat with me on whatsapp to know more details. every details are given in the video description.

(Vishal) #26

Dynamic Online music player aia is now available for free.
Check the youtube link given above.

(PREET) #27

dear i’m wating for you block image

(mike Bennett) #28

love the app unfortunately I dont have the skills to adapt it for my use.
Ive only just started learning this week.
I only need the Song name and mp3 url ,the catagory option I dont need ,also to make it GDPR compliant .I have had shut down in the past for that.

I would be willing to pay for someone to make the changes for me.
thanks again for the file

(Vishal) #29

what kind of changes you want. you just want category part removed or is there anything else… contact me through telegram at - Telegram: Contact @techcvr_com to discuss in details about the work and payment

(Vishal) #30

New Updated Pro Version Available,

Features You Get In Pro (Paid) Version:

  • All Features from Free Version
  • Animation Screen Change From Category and Music List Page
  • Faster Music List Load Time
  • Download Music
  • Play Music In Loop
  • Shuffle Songs (Coming Soon)
  • Music Duration (Start & End Time)
  • Duration Counter
  • Push Notification By OneSignal
  • Admob Banner & Interstitial Ads Integrated
  • Swipe Down Refresh On Both Category & Music List Page

to know more about how to get this app click here - Tech CVR - Fusion Player - Dynamic Online Music Player

(Daniel) #31

I think you wanted to write here that it removed them.

(Vishal) #32

what i meant to say is that the app is configured with the admob ads

(Daniel) #33

But why would anyone pay for a paid version which adds frickin annoying ads?

(Vishal) #34

if they want to show ads in their app then ill enable the ads and build the apk for them, and then deliver the app. in this way no one will get my source code and resale it. so in this way ill be happy and they get the app with paid features too for their own purpose without source code. win win situation :grinning:


Don’t you think this :point_up: would be hard to implement? And hence will affect the downloads of the app

In general, developers follow a simple rule and that is,
Make a free version with Ads, and if user like that app, they can buy a pro version without ads and some added features

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #36

That’s a keystore disaster waiting to happen.

You two guys are probably misunderstanding @techcvr. He’s selling a paid AIA, not an app. Hope that clears it up a bit. :slight_smile:

(Vishal) #37

it like a ready made project for customers. i am not providing any service with this app.

let me clear it with an example - if someone wants my browser app then i build apk for them using their requirements, in this way i can protect my source code for getting resale by others.

and for the ads, its customers choice, not mine… they will provide the ad unit id so i will add that in their app.

so i hope now everything is clear now.

overall my main intension is to protect my project .
and of course if they want the aia then they need to pay little bit more… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Daniel) #38

Oh ok, you made it clear! Thanks!

(Nathan) #39

You know what you should do… IDK if you can but make sure the Ad API Key or whatever stays as yours so you earn the revenue you deserve so they can’t make any money from your work and claim it as they’re own as well.


Just got confused between aia and actual app. Thanks for clearing the same :slight_smile:

Thanks for your explanation. Best of luck with your plans :+1: