[New Update] Fusion Player - Dynamic Online Music Player [Pro/Free AIA]


(Vishal) #41

New Feature added - Update [26/12/18]

  • Play Next Music Automatically
  • Play Music In Loop

(Vishal) #42

New Feature added - Update [27/12/18]

  • Music Files are Now Shuffle Before Playing Next One
  • Added option to check if loop enabled when pressing shuffle icon.

Updated Pro Apk - OnlineMusicPlayerPro.apk (5.7 MB)

(Marathi katta) #43

Hiii i want to buy u r app. How much would it costs? I want just few changes here n there i Gus’s u can do it easily as u r pro koder. From india

(Vishal) #44

remove your mobile no from the topic and send me a personal message to discuss about the app. or you can check my blog post at -