[New Update] Fusion Player - Dynamic Online Music Player [Pro/Free AIA]

What is the name of your app?

Fusion Player

Describe your app:

Its a simple online Music Player. MP3 files are fetched from Airtable database. MP3 files are displayed in a colin tree list view with download icon (download not working right now).
There is a timer for the song duration and also you will get the song name individually when you play any song from the list view.


Try App :

Free Version - OnlineMusicPlayerFree.apk (5 MB)
Pro Version - OnlineMusicPlayerPro.apk (5.7 MB)

[Minimum API changed back to 21]

Features You Get In Free Version:

  • Dynamic Category
  • Dynamic Music According To Category
  • Music Control (Next, Previous, Play & Stop)
  • Current Playing Song Name
  • Side Menu
  • Splash Screen

Features You Get In Pro (Paid) Version:

  • All Features from Free Version
  • Animation Screen Change From Category and Music List Page
  • Faster Music List Load Time
  • Music Play Forward (Coming Soon)
  • Download Music
  • Play Music In Loop
  • Shuffle Songs
  • Music Duration (Start & End Time)
  • Duration Counter
  • Push Notification By OneSignal
  • Admob Banner & Interstitial Ads Integrated
  • Swipe Down Refresh On Both Category & Music List Page

Update [26/12/18] -

  • Play Next Song Automatically

Update [27/12/18] -

  • Now Shuffle Before Playing Next Song

Click Here To Know How How To get the AIA - Fusion Player Pro | Free AIA Download - Tech CVR

Thanks To

@ColinTree([Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView - #ThunkableClassicExtensions - Community) - for colinTreeListView extension


Something’s wrong, I cannot install it. What minimum API have you set?
My phone is a Nubia N1 lite running Android 6.0
But, after the screenshot, it looks cool!

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minimum API is 16

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Then I really don’t know what the problem is.

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me too… let me change the api to 21.

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I installed on 8.0:

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ok… so its working…

It should work as my Android Version is higher than 6.0

i have changed the api to 21. Download link is updated.

Then I’ll restart my phone and we’ll see.
Just for clarify, I get the “there was a error while parsing the package” error.

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Thanks, now works. But I suggest to change the min API back, For 4.1 and 5 users.

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Just installed it, again, nice app!


Then reboot into your bootloader and clear cache on your phone. Then restart it again

I think you mean Recovery.

Sorry, my phone has whats called a Bootloader, as I seen

All Android phones have both a bootloader and a recovery. You can’t operate the bootloader on the phone itself (you need ADB and fastboot commands). The recovery is operated on the phone itself, and custom recoveries like TWRP can do some pretty cool and advanced stuff. It has full touch support, and can indeed clear the cache.


The default recovery on Android can also clear cache INDEED

IDK, I’ve never seen the default Android recovery. Most OEMs ship with their own useless recovery.

Did I mention locked bootloaders?

The recovery on my phone isn’t useless. This is getting off topic.