[NEW] Weath-Mate (Weather Forecasting App)



1. Uses DarkSky© API

2. Changes Background according to the weather.

3… Enter any place to get weather data.

4. Uses Geo-Coordinates for the current location for better accuracy.

5. 1-day hourly forecasting system

6. 7-days weekly forecasting system.

7. Graphical representation of forecast data.

8.Search History through Google Map©-Marker

9. Current Weather Data.

10. Most importantly, all data are according to the timezone of target place. :wink::grin:

Acknowledgement: 1. @kodular 2. All extension creators 3. Special thanks to @Ken for his inalienable support without whom this was never been possible. :blush:

App Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.plantdox.WeathMate

Download, Use, Rate, Review and Share.

AIA file:

.AIA not for Sale. But custom project orders are welcome. PM for any queries.


Design looks good. Waiting for app to try.

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Its already been 24 hour…still at pending…I will update the link as soon as it get published.

Published on PlayStrore. Link updated on post.

@Peter @Ken @sshobhit776 @Vishwas @yusufcihan @walya_express you guyz please use and tell me how is it & if there are any loopholes.

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The link doesn’t work

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Check it again @DevYB and @Coder007 …updated…

How do I switch it from Celcius/Kph to Farenheit/Mph?

Here I didn’t provide that option…but it can be done just by a switch…SI & CA units are popular in the works than any CGS units that’s why I used SI units.


via chartsbin.com
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Installed the app now. I really liked it. Nice and clean design/layout and organised data.

I have one question - how did you created a chart, graph? Have you used any extension for it?

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No extension for the graph…used javascript and html only

If you liked it don’t forget to rate (Google Play), comment (Google Play) and share.

Published a review now. Can you help me with graph? (A little tips/guide).

PM me…I will tell something

PM send already.