News api free aia

Application name : news

Version 1.0

How it works using newsapi

Length of industry 2h

price free

Reason for publication

To learn to deal with api


news.aia (67.4 KB)

Tell me you liked it

Even if you lied


Things to add to learn

a. Share button

B. Improve the application

C. Add several sources

Egypt, America and others

Or Google News and cnn and others

Why did not I add it?

He did this for education, not for profit


good job:+1:

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Great work !

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No funciona el enlace del archi .aia

Language of the forum is English. Please translate your post.

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.Aia file link does not work

Rename that aia file to news.aia then it will work

AIA file can’t be downloaded

Was anyone able to download the AIA
i was unable to download it and am interested in working on the Project

the author of the topic have to re-upload the file

same time :grin:

سلام عليكم
كيفك اخي مغك شريف من مصر
كنت بسأل لو تقدر تدلني عن اي كتاب عربي او انجليزي لشرح kodular

edited by Taifun… I suggest you to remind your words… continuing like this can get you removed from this community… please respect all community members… thank you

I find it hard to download

You can not download aia anymore, OP has to re upload it but his is not active in the community for a year. Also note that Newsapi has change, developer plan is granded for 30 days then you have to pay