No corresponding activity was found

How I fix this.
Error 601 No corresponding activity was found



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why did you tag Boban in your thread

remove extension category from the topic, its not a extension

i need fast replay

Use action in block also. I think you done well.i don’t know why you get this error

whats wrong with being patient

do you know to solve please give me the solution because my app update is live today in play store. So i want change it fastly

Listen first check do you use correct activity starter or not. Means you was added the action for activity starter 1 and in blocked you activity starter 2 like that

maybe if you provide the test AIA/APK we can help you

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Need to set Activity Class and Activity Package to start Activity

but the previous version it,s worked fine

What do you need to open with Activity Starter ?

i need to open my web page when a button click in sidebar

Try by Seting action using blocks

Action: android.intent.action.VIEW
Data URI:
Work fine, i test. Android 5.1.1
Check if you don’t have the browser disabled !! I can’t think of anything else.

will you please check my app link is in above post. please help me