No corresponding activity was found

app is working clearly for first click . when we click once more it’s not working

Try with this blocks
blocks (5)

@skasonline send me PM with link

What else are you using your activity for…

i need to open my web page when a button click in sidebar

Search the community before opening another thread, please.

see this thread

try the simple solution and if it works, adjust it to your needs

will you please check my image . is the blocks are correct

your blocks look fine
therefore try the simple solution and if it works, adjust it to your needs
are you testing using an emulator? if yes, try a real device…

I was tried to open a PDF file using the activity starter. but getting the error 601: no corresponding activity was found error .Please helpScreenshot_2020-07-24 Kodular Creator

see here How to view a pdf document
how did you set the Action?
what is the file path? any example?


sorry for late replay i am using real device

read again my previous answer, follow the link, try the example and provide an answer to all questions

Did like shown in the website but no solution.
I want open the recently downloaded pdf file when user click Open the pdf file should open

Action: android.intent.action.VIEW
Data type: application/pdf
Data URI: get file path
I have attached the block of this part kindly see

from your blocks unfortunately we are not able to see, what is the value of that file Path…
this would help very much to understand, if it is a valid path to a pdf file, for example
and as as it seems to be, you do not know how to find it out? what about using a label to display it?


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