No download possible with server-generated PDF

With this link a PDF is created.
Just as an example !

( Widerruf.pdf)

When downloading it, however, it is only saved as (request_port.php) not as Widerruf.pdf

I wanted to try this one:

but I can’t find the blocks as stated.
set global split DownloadURL?


Can someone please help me to save server generated PDFs?

The URL was just an example!

There are also:
(AGB.pdf) and many others

Thanks alot !!!

Unfortunately does not work

With this example from omkaraffiliates, the display remains at 0% and the download does not want to start.

A PDF is created under/with this URL, but I simply cannot download it.

Try this one ServerGeneratedPDF.aia (7.3 KB)

And what about try the Web component? :thinking:

Yes that one works as well but if you don’t know the file name you’re screwed

The important thing is to try :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

now the file is saved but not as a pdf only as request-port.php.
if I rename * .php to * .pdf everything is there.
The original file name is simply not adopted (Widerruf.pdf, AGB.pdf)

It is nice that you help me but (action = download & coID = 3889895) was only an example and is not fixed and can always change.
the (ID = 3889895) can sometimes become ID = 3889945 or completely different.

It works with Chrome or firefox …

Have you tried with different ID


<a href="request_port.php?module=ShopContent&amp;action=download&amp;coID=3889895" title="Als PDF downloaden"><span class="fa fa-download"></span><span class="hidden-xs"> Als PDF downloaden</span></a>

Why does WebView not recognize that a PDF is first generated and then starts with the correct download