Not able to Compile APK. Any suggestions?

Describe your issue - Not able to compile the App

Make sure there is no space in the screens’ name and package name.

For more solutions, please search the forum.

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Thank you for the reply, rechecked - no additional spaces.

Searching… :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi @Fikn_Live,
You can send us a test aia?Or,usually, that happens when you’ve a project inside your Assets > external_comps folder ( you need to delete them and re upload your app ), or a wrong formatted package name.( it should be like or ,etc…)
See also here:

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Thank you @ Mohamed_Tamer for your reply, please find the enclosed attachment of the AIA file. I haven’t edited the package name as this version is an update to my alrerady running application.

Request you to please check and help, your guidance is much needed.

StyleKustoms.aia (153.7 KB)

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Hi @Fikn_Live,
Check this one:
StyleKustoms.aia (142.7 KB)
As i’ve expected there was a project inside your project.



Thank you so much, worked like a charm.

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