Not able to dismiss custom dialog

Hi koders, as you know i have recently made a app called Androlex and posted in community, i have problem with the custom dialog. Before 1 day it was working fine, but not now, I dont know why it is not working.

I have searched the community but didn’t find solution.
Please help me, I don’t know why it is happening, I have already tried in 2 phones but same result.
The Custom dialog stuck at wifi alert and I can do anything.
Demo apk - AndrolexMega (5).apk (6.9 MB)

Is the custom notifier arrangement visible when you use the block create custom notifjer

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Yes, its visible

Where is the block create custom notifier ?

I have done it when screen initialize

Show me that block


I don’t see the block where do you store into Tiny DB ?

The problem is that custom notifier is not dismissing or not visible

The problem starts when the notifier shows, but not able to dismiss, there is no problem with the tiny db

Which notifier you want to dismiss

notifier 4

I can say this is a bug 100%

Wait can see many dismiss custom notifier 4 block which one is not working

All, which are shown on blocks, even i set the arrangement clickable

Set created Notifer 4 Cancelable to TRUE

It’s not a bug I think because with me it’s working fine

I want it to be only canceled when arrangement click

The old apk works fine, but this not

If you set Cancelable to False never can dismiss this notifier !!!