Not able to get column records from Airtable tables using Spreadsheet component

Hello Experts,

I have created account in to store data.

I created simple application in Kodular to fetch or get records from “Name” column from airtable.
I Used “Spreadsheet” component of Kodular.
I have attached screenshot of my blocks.
I am not able to get any data or any response from “Spreadsheet” component.

Please help me out to resolve this issue.
Thanks in advance

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1.Try to print response code
2. intialize global name to blank text not an empty list
3. Check api, tablr name and base id is correct

I checked all Airbale parameters. I think they are correct except base ID.
Can you please provide steps to get baseID ?

Click on help icon then api documentation and in url you will find baseid starting with \appxxxx\ copy all in between \appxxxx\

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Thank You so much.
It resolved my issue.

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Then mark it solution please.

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