Note for Legacy users

Kodular has barely been updated two hours ago, and I have already seen several topics and responses both about Announcements and the “fear of losing projects”

If you are a Legacy user (Login with Email and Password) you must register again; your projects are safe

As for the ads you must enter once to My Kodular to “migrate” approvals

#HappyKoding :slight_smile: :kodular:


If I sign out in the Kodular projects screen, then close the browser, and open it again and go to Kodular, I’m still signed in.

I have only given one note here, issues related to services should be discussed with Kodular Staff

Well, if you don’t want replies, then close the thread, we can’t guess your mind.

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I have a theory, there are “broken links” in Creator, for example clicking on “My Account” does not take you to

which is also not working.

We’re having a few hiccups with sending recovery emails out, as a result of which My has gone down momentarily. We’re investigating the issue and will have all services operational soon.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.