Notification Badge Extension [Free]

About Extension

A non-visible component that create notification badge on visible component.

Add a picture of all the blocks

Background Color :


blocks (1)
Set background color of the badge.

Hide On Null :

component_set_get (1)

blocks (2)
Hide badge on 0 count.

Margin :

component_set_get (2)

blocks (3)
Set margin of the badge.

Radius :

component_set_get (3)

blocks (4)
Set corner radius of the badge.

Elevation :

blocks (5)
Sets the base elevation of the badge.

Set Badge Count :

Apply badge count.

Get Badge Count :

component_method (1)
Get badge count.

Demo :

Download Extension :

com.NotificationBadge.aix (13.3 KB)


Any pictures please


Was about to write that. :sweat_smile:

Lightning fast :zap::zap::zap:

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Congrats. Can you show examples!!
Thank you.

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yes i uploaded

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this is best

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Really helpful extention


aia please

aia for what? He’s created an extension and posted the aix in the first post. What more do you need?


yes you are right

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BTW it is easy to use

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How to use this exte… Aia plz

It is very simple

Joke of the day
In hotel.
What is your order?

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Amazing! Thank you. Continue with this beautiful work.


I am talking about this
He did not provide a block for use

But he shared the extension. :grinning: :+1:
Download, study, it’s an easy extension and the blocks are just a few.

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I will download the extension and maybe publish the aia instead of the developer

I have internet problems
I couldn’t test the extension today, maybe tomorrow


@Preet_Vadaliya How to change position of the badge.

I mean at which position (top, middle, right, left, Right-Top, Left-down corner etc) of the component, the badge notification can be showed?