Notifier and snackbar error

Describe your issue

I captured an error in notifier and snackbar component.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Use notifier and snackbar component in any app

Expected Behaviour

It shows only alert for some time.

Actual Behaviour

But it is showing regularly after dismissal.

Show your Blocks

Android version

android kitkat

I really didn’t understand this error… could you elaborate more?

It is made to show error for short time but it shows and dismisses and after few second it shows again.
It is after kodular update.

I do not understand as well.

Is there a loop in your code (i.e. is it in a clock component)? I use notifiers, and snackbar with no issues . Lets look at how you are triggering the error

Can you show me an example?

Show the blocks you use to detect if an update is needed

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When I opened my old app there was also same problem.
So one thing is clear that it is not Kodular’s bug.I am doing something wrong.
I am doing this-

You are not turning the clock of after it is checked

That is the loop
You need to set it to false after it is called

Thanks for help.
I will try it.

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