Notifier background Color

I have read in an identical named, but closed thread that the text color in Notifier cannot be changed. This is a pity. It probably follows that the background color can not be changed, also?

Because none of my attempts lead to success!
Is there a possibility to implement this to the amazing Kodular?


Why should it not be possible?
And too you should first show what you tried


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That is true, I should’ve shown my block first.

Here is the closed thread: Notifier background Color
As it is written, the text Color is only in Alert, not in Dialog. You wrote that.

Here is, what I tried. It doesn’t work.

You should replace “Show Choose Dialog” with “Custom Choose Dialog”.
“Show Choose Dialog” is the normal app inventor dialog. There you can not change much…

But with the “Custom Choose Dialog” you can do what you want.

That’s outdated… Just read the description of the text color block:
“Specifies the text color for alerts or for dialogs message.”

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I tried with Custom Choose Dialogue, text color works as chosen. But background is still default. I think it’s my fault and I have to take a deeper look into my settings etc.

Ok background color ist still not possible for dialogs.

I read the description of the background color block
“specifies the color of background for alerts (not dialogs).”