Background in Notifier

Hi all,

Is it possible to change the text color and background color of a Notifier? I tried to set it in Properties, but it does not work, it always show the text in white color and a gray background.


The notifier has been completly redesigned for the next update!

@mika has integrated @vishwasadiga’s Dialogs extension on it, so much more properties will be avaliable
That’s why @vishwasadiga said that he was going to stop working on the Dialogs extension :sweat_smile:

@Mika Is possible that?


You will have in the next update a “theme” option to let the dialog display in a light or dark theme.
The text color will then change it color by itself to the given theme.

Btw. The background color and text color property are settings for the toast (alert) message.


Thanks, @Mika. But just a question: What about those properties that I showed in my first post here? They will change anything?

You can choose with these properties things for the toast (alert) message.

Ok… Thanks!!!

This function is already in the builder online since the last update.
It looks then like this:

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Very good!!! Now I’m using Makeroid by testing one of my big projects imported from Thunkable, but without any extensions. So, now I’m adding one by one and testing it. I’m really excited with the results right now.


After the next update on next sunday (november 12) you can say again a big WOW :smiley: :smiley:
There are many cool new things waiting.


Great news, @Mika!!! Can’t wait for this!!!

Min android level ?

Hmmm maybe @vishwasadiga can answer this.
It is the same light theme option that we use in the “dialogs extension”.

It looks like the themes are added in API level 11 @Yusuf_Deniz .


And even a bigger bigger one is going to affect to all AppInventor community :wink:
We will start recruting testers for it by this week (@MakerChamps will be included, and other important people from AI world)


Along with colouring toasts, it is now possible to tint entire dialogs!:confetti_ball:

Coming in the next release!


Wow!!! Amazing, @vishwasadiga!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Can I give you another suggestion? Why not having a way to change the option MESSAGE of the Notifier → .ShowProgressDialog? With this way we can be able to show message and update them in our blocks… Is it possible or am I just dreaming aloud? :thinking::joy::joy:

You mean changing the message while the dialog is being shown?

Yes, exactly!! I just asked about .ShowProgressDialog, because I think it is used for long processes, so we could changing the message, depending on the block process is working.

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Had you been using Android Studio, then this would’ve been possible. Unfortunately, every dialog call as an extension creates a static dialog, the contents of which cannot be changed.

There is a way to do it, but it requires getting the IDs of every dialog element and replacing the text. This, however, isn’t hardware accelerated, and can take a toll on the speed of the app.


Ok, understood!!! :+1: