Notifier Custom choose Diaolog

Hello fellow devellopers,

I seem to haven a problem with the Notifier Custom choose Diaolog.
Everytime I press backpress it should popup a notification with a choise and that works.

Here comes the problem: I have got a app that has multiple screens, as long as I stay in screen 1 the notifier seems to work, if I go to screen 2 and then back to screen 1 the notifier doesn’t seem to work cause it doesn’t popup. Does anybody have the same problem or even a solution.


Share block and further details

Perhaps you are not switching screens correctly

you have to switch screen properly, check this,

Ok so I think problem is you are opening screen 1 but not closing screen 2 so what is happening is when you press back on screen 1 so app opening screen 2 so just try to back again and again and you will find out
Solution:as @vknow360 and @ImranTariq said switch screen correctly I mean use
If True
Then close screen
Then use switch screen block

I’m taking a look at this but how can your use it with a startvalue?

Sample use open another screen with start value instead of open another screen and add parameter like screenName

See this

Or drag-drop this image/block:


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I like to thank you guy’s for your support it finally works.


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