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Checkbox List Dialog Notifier Not working

I have tried your version and it doesen’t work for me too.
But you can also do it with this (I think its better because you only use to options):

This is not how the Notifier. Show Checkbox List Dialog works.
If you would have read the description properly you would know that it return a list of indices of your responses. See below image

I tried it and the simple blocks showing its working are as below


And the result is :point_down:


(The brackets are present because, as told earlier the result is a list)

Also in your image above, please set the cancelable property to false as you have not entered any text for cancel Button Text

:slight_smile: :+1:

but why not working this

Because as said earlier, it returns list of indices as a result and you cannot separate the elements of list, the way you have displayed in image in your reply above .

For you the best way be, use the Notifier. Show Choose Dialog method as indicated by @schnleon in his reply above.

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