Notifier not appear when coming from other screen

Describe your issue

When i want display notifier on screen 1 its work correct.But when i changed screen to other screen and come back to screen1 notifier not appear.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Call notifier on screen1
Open another screen
Return screen1
Call notifier

Expected Behaviour

Notifier appear

Actual Behaviour

Show your Blocks

Android version

Showing your blocks would really help :slight_smile:

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I reproduced all the steps and notification shows without any issue.
Maybe you’re not switching screens correctly “Hi @Mika :wave:

Try this.

Thanks for replys

I do switching screens correct.There is problem with my old project.Transfered from other service.New projects works without problem.I will try find problem source.

Why you use
on swicthScreen function.You dont need it.

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Just following this tip :

Oh i understand now.Its triplehunter method discovered too many years ago.Its used to switch to other screen.Like ı want switch to Scren2 from Screen3.There is a another method like manager.Just add handler too screen1 and check closed screen value then open x screen with value.I recommed you do not use triplehunter.When i tested it 2 years ago its makes problems.I recommed manager method.

You dont neeed if true block if you just close or open screen.

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Notifier only work if we use Triplehunter method its bug.Recommed switch method is TripleHunter but it has own problems:roll_eyes:

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