[Now Free] PIN Login System (Aia)

PIN Login System

4 digit PIN Login System with full working logic.


  1. Simple, clean and beautiful professional login template with full working logic :fire:
  2. You can not bypass login screen without entering correct PIN :sunglasses:
  3. Set 4 digit PIN.
  4. Security question to recover PIN.
  5. Set lucky number as security question :nerd_face:
  6. Custom Security Question can be set in aia.
  7. Change PIN.
  8. Available in 2 themes in same aia :heart_eyes:
  9. Default Dark theme.
  10. Switch themes from Dark to Light & Light to Dark in single click.


Extensions Used

Phase animation by @Shreyash
Countdown by @lukegackle

Test Apk

Download (5.3 MB)


Login.aia (275.6 KB)

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As this 4 digit PIN login system is based on Tiny DB, when you clear app data then your PIN will reset and you have to set it again.

It can be made more powerful by connecting to online databases like firebase.

If you found any bugs in it, please let me know. :yum:


Looking good. Nice work @The_K_Studio


Nice work, looks simple & good


Nice Work Kiran !!!
I did it to block access to an app. I did it with Pin, Password and pattern 9 points.
It never occurred to me that I could market it :grin:
Put the price in the first post.

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Thanks Guys :heart_eyes:.

@bestprintsf can you pm me your app for testing. :nerd_face:

I’m test right now apk


You set any delay or check counter how many times enter incorrect pin ???
In some android smartphone with otg support and 30 seconds delay time after 5 incorret pin i need 24 hours (max) to unlock.
Please don’t tell anyone !!!

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Not set any logic for this.

By this logic, user will not wait for 24 Hours, he will directly uninstall your app :joy::joy:


Nop is the info inside is very important !!! :smirk:

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if I should should wait for 24 hours then instead of uninstalling just clear the data :joy:, also kodular apps cant run-in background to save data.

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Logic Depends upon, for what purpose you are setting the login system. :sunglasses:

Not work when this aia is connected with online database.

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Nice interface. Does this use Key-guard Manager to login?

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What is my phone is offline? :thinking: Just a question

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No. I have created custom keyboard with my own build logic.


It will not verify the PIN and ask you for connect to the internet.

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For @The_K_Studio and @Xoma
Without any restrintion i need 10.000 second (over 3 hours) to test all combinations with my arduino leonardo. :sunglasses:
I suggest set some restriction with incorrect attempts


But I can set the password even without internet :point_down:


Yeah, I will add a restriction of “wait for 30 seconds” on 3 wrong attemps.

The best way i found is closed the app :sunglasses:

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Yes you can! Because, As i mentioned in post description