[Now Free] PIN Login System (Aia)

But you said here it will ask you connect to internet and that’s why I posted that screen recording

:joy::joy: Yes, only when

I was answering how to overcome the limitations of offline login system using “If, when, then” conditions.


Oh ok it’s just a misunderstanding I guess :slightly_smiling_face:


Only for info
4 PIN Without some restriction
03:10 max to unlock, if need test all combinations

4 PIN With 30 second delay restriction
23:40 max to unlock, if need test all combinations

6 PIN With 30 second delay restriction
7 Days max to unlock, if need test all combinations

Sorry, i don’t have mentioned before but I’m a forensic examiner in informatics. For this reason I know all these info. I made a device to unlock cell phones with a pin.

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Can anyone point-out the bug in below video? (a minor though but will have a noticeable impact if not corrected) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The bug is when change theme !!


Thanks @Vaibhav

I will fix it. :yum:

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Yes after entering some digits if I change theme in between, then the entered digit get cleared out and the further digit are entered from middle and not from starting.

You should not clear the entered digits if theme is changed…


In fact, the digits are not cleared. Only the colour of dots is reversed according to theme that’s why it looks like digits are cleared :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Haha in this case your own UI trolled you…
:joy: :joy:


I accept it :nerd_face:.

Little mistakes happens with everyone…:joy:

Yes I agree and to catch that mistakes, is the job of testers like me :slightly_smiling_face:

No software is without bugs


100% True.

If I found send the apk for test. Is too old, june 2018.
But i found some screenshot in my PC.



I’m make it in App Inventor 2



Bugs Fixed

  1. Fixed - digits were hiding when changing theme.
  2. On 3 wrong attempts a timer of 30 seconds will be shown.

Thanks to @Vaibhav for reporting bug.

Updated Apk is updated in Post 1.

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Great Work on UI. Loved it.

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Great Work @The_K_Studio
The functionality and ui of the App is awesome :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

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Thanks guys :heartbeat:

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There is one more bug :point_down:

If you see in above video, after two failed attempts, if I change the theme, then it doesn’t allow me to enter the pin again. The keypad simply gets disabled.

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Okay, I will check.

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