Now User Can't Visit Twice In The Day

Try This Code To Set Limit On The Clicks For A Day

Since you are posting it in the guide category you have to explain what is happening. Just posting an image is not a guide.


Here Is Explanation Sir

Yes, Peter is right, it isn’t a complete guide. And this system can be easily destroyed by clearing the app’s data.


Let Me Try With FireBase I Will Edit It Again If It’s Success

I think he is showing a method , like any one making earning app and dont want a user to click more than 2 times a day,


I already created that method with airtable and was working very nice like you storing in db same save it to airtable with date and get with date and compare and if date is changed then set to 0 zero again

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@Italo made a nice tutorial here


But when user clear data , that also clear tinydb and clock timer, thats why he is trying to get a method which still works after reset data or reinstall app,

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Yes this might help him, and he can do that what he is trying to do,

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An easy solution to that, without using internet is to not allow clicking right after installation. Instead start the timer on the first run and make the user wait. That way, if the user clears the data, he/she will be resetting the timer and will start the waiting from 0.

Pros: 1. Discourages cheating. 2. No internet connection required.
Cons: User can’t click on first run.


All Methods Will Be Destroy Easily

Haha, i used airtable in my app and that was a very hard to destroy, i used my all efforts to break my own security with everything and i failed my apk was working very well and success, use airtable or firebase , then no one can destroy

Everyone Have Power To Change His Device Time And Date

What if someone use online time , i also had that in my list that user can change time so i used an extension that days called online clock and i always check online time… :rofl::rofl:

We Are Searching Offline Way , What About If User Use VPN

I was using my app in my country only so i get gmt +5 time…

And offline you cant do because user can hack easily any offline method

We Have Many Options In Online But We Are Searching An Offline Non Hackable