Number data save as string in Firebase

hi Koders

sometimes saving integers on firebase are saved as a string

How do I make sure you save it as a number?


Hi, show some relevant block. Variable is initialized as number? You use number block to write it ?

Hi you’re italian?

my block is for exemple

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Yes, I’m italian, I think you too! :wave:
Interesting block. You are speaking about global numero ? Which is the variable saved as text sometimes? And where you get the wrong value

yes speaking global numero the variable saved as text sometimes is global numero, when try to sum error because sum a string with a number

in fact there are not so many Italians it seems to me in this community

Show me where and how you get global numero from firebase and if you initialize it as numer

i inizialize so blocks(19)

and get so

Ok for initialize but i don’t see the get block for firebase, you speak about text when you get numero from firebase.

i get all bucketblocks(21)

It seems all ok :sweat_smile: