OCR Language Portuguese - 21 Bug

When I put the component on my screen with this configuration, this error happens:

Runtime Error

Error from Companion: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'java.lang.String java.lang.Throwable.toString()' on a null object reference

With Default - 1 this does not happen.
My API key is correct and works with the Default - 1 language
You don’t need to add any blocks for the problem to occur.

What component?

OCR component

I think he is connected to the companion while dragging in a new comnonent but should this cause an error? idk…

Native OCR

What is that? :alien:

Google pls :slight_smile:

Media component: OCR


Never heard of it :grimacing:
We need more info until we officially move this to #feedback:bugs

Nor the title is clear neither your query. Please try to explain exactly what’s happening?
When this error is shown?
Can you show your exiting blocks?

With which configuration?

The test is simple, there are no blocks:

Create a project, add the component, change the language to Portuguese - 1 and connect the Companion.

Language: Portuguese - 1

Hmmm… Interesting. If I use OCR extension by Mika :point_down: , then it works very well.

But the one built with built-in OCR component throws the mentioned error.

Blocks with extension :point_down:

But the same block with built-in component give error.

Thanks for the alternative!


extension from mick does not work.