Offline Android App from A Website

A very useful website for Engineering students like us from the Philippines for lecture review is the INDIABIX website. Unfortunately, we cannot access it always because internet access is very expensive here.

Has anyone tried making an offline android application from a website using Kodular?

Any inputs will be appreciated.

Thank you.

but a user who made app from website also needs internet to use app.

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He means an offline version of kodular. Maybe appybuilder is the solution here. @idietherdave

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You can create an offline app through Kodular or you can use offline version of Appybuilder to create app without internet access. But you can’t make offline app for INDIABIX website as INDIABIX website needs an active internet to access.


It’s not recommended to use AppyBuilder offline platform.

Are kodular have offline version?
Because i want kodular latest feature in offline.
And how i live test of my app in offline version?

No. Kodular doesn’t have an Offline version.

Yes, I know. But for general App Inventor exercises it is well enough.

How i live test on offline version?

I do not use any offline version, but I think, a companion with WLAN or USB should work also.

that is not possible
you might be interested in a MIT App Inventor offline server

Does this one include extension builder?