Kodular Open source

When we will get offline version or open source of Kodular ?? or we will Not Get anyone of Them ??
Hoping for Positive response

Why do you need a Open Source Kodular? So that you can take the extensions and make you’re own builder? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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You are right bro


it dont have to be open source for a offline builder.


LoL :joy:.I Already of knowledge of making extension kodular can remove the extension if they but they can provide offline source

…and about own builder
then listen
Evan of mit Helped to make own builder :sunglasses:…And i feel bore in adding customizing builder​:joy:

if no open source then no problem but offline mod cant make kodular unbenefit

@Mika Do You Have any regard About this​:blush:

He helps Everyone, He is a Great Guy. But i am not sure about you. You lied a Lot Already :roll_eyes:

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Do not tag anyone, if they wants they replies. You don’t have to tag anyone For that

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Why You think everything as Lie Man :expressionless:…its Not Lie …i Dont need to apologies​:blush:

Kodular will still be closed source.
There are no plans for a offline version.



If you want to start making your own App Inventor version, App Inventor’s sources on GitHub can help you.

This is a modified App Inventor offline version by AppyBuilder. AppyBuilder added few .bat script files to run sources on localhost automatically.


How any MB can a APP have there if i want to built it. 10 or.?

The closest thing to Offline, would be to make Kodular a PWA platform


even i want to make my own builder and i have source of MIT and Appybuilder can you please guide me with how to edit it. It is completely operational and working fine on my localhost but how can i change its logo, and name please help

your immediate attention towards the above will be highly appreciated and obliged

Thanks & Regards

Kodular is not open source and for using the AppyBuilder sources you should contact the Kodular developers. Changes are you are not allowed to use them. There are a lot of builders around. They come and go because they can not continue the quality that Kodular is providing for a long time now.

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And don’t pm users to get attention. Just be patient and wait for a response.

really sorry

yes i know that kodular is best i already have appybuilder an MIT inventor sources and always had a dream to make my own app inventor it running absolutly fine on my local host but how can i edit its logo and name please help

Like i said, changes are you are not allowed to use the AppyBuilder sources. The MIT sources are open source. For questions about them go to the App Inventor community and ask there.