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Hi, I need to use an app on board of vessel. have implemented a google map in my app where the user put some points (markers) with coordinates. I use this block to set map type as satellite to draw a base map.


All blocks work ok when the internet is up and running, but when the ship is far away off the coast the internet connection is restricted or unavailable. In this case, I would need to use an offline map to be able of drawing the markers with a spatial reference in a map base.

I do not know if it is possible to upload in assets a map base to use with google map or if there is another way to do it. Does anyone know if this can be done? Thanks.


Unfortunately an offline Google map is not allowed under their TOS.

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As suggested, it is not possible (and allowed) to have an offline Google Map. However, that could be possible to make a offline map.

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Thanks, thank you for your contributions. I will read with attention what is told in this link.

I hope that it will be allowed. It could be a solution.

I am trying to analyze the blocks of the aia available in AI2 Flat Map Tutorial - Tutorials and Guides - MIT App Inventor Community as FlatMap_II.aia (1.8 MB) but I get the following error
If I disable block “Clear Canva”
appear the error ·"Cannot find the component"of the following block and so.
Disabled the following block, and the error Cannotr find the component pass to the following: Lispicker, clock1, clock2,…

I searched in the community but the solution proposed in Getting Error : Cannot find <this element> during LIve TEst does not work. I have the companion updated to 1.5B.Fenix.



Try this FlatMap_II.aia (1.8 MB). Modified project settings in order to work with Kodular. Tested with companion, no issues


Thanks. What have you modified in the setting?

See differences

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