Offline video player

Hello guys, i want to play video from local storage which are long video file.
Please help me

Have you tried anything yet?

Read this and try again -


Yes but not solution available

Did you read this? -

It does not seem so…

show us your block so that we can check what you have tried.

I have not extension for offline video player how i can play long video

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Please show first what you have tried

We want to play offline video from local which video size more than 5 mb

Kodular does not allow more than 5 mb video file in offline mode

check this video

This is for online mode not offline mode from local storage

What have you tried so far?

Offline video player but kodular video player component not support for long type video

Yes, so first download the video to the device and then play it offline.
It is not possible to store long videos in the assets anyway (<20 MB).

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