Once User Logined How to Restrict If Admin Deletes the User ID

Hi, The issue is As i shown in blocks, my Login User & Password is getting checked with Google sheet for 1st time and then its stored in Tiny_DB. But here the issue is if i deleted the user ID & Password in Google sheet that particular user still able to open app directly as user stored in their Tiny_DB. Pls suggest to correct the same…


Then move this procedure if … then to when web got text and check if user is still in user’s list then call if not is empty tinyDB …

But As user is opening app second time he will not mention user details, this need to open if the saved use is available in google sheet.

remove tinydb, every time call data from gsheet then… save the username and password in tinydb only

Don’t know how you save data in spreadsheet, but if you call all users and see if is in list proceed else set tiny db to clear tags

you’ve to check their user id every time they open your app. you can let them enter instantly by using tiny DB and then you can check their ID in background. This will allow active users to use your app without any interruption.


Hope this changes is correct??

I believe you should move the if … then statement when web get text or have you got all users previously in global name list ?

Remove the first if else and open another screen from screen init.

In screen init let first app check tinydb empty or not .

If empty then go for signup screen .
If not empty, call web data,

When web data got text then check use the Is in the list block and open another screen block

Most probably you sent wrong ais

Upsell_Ranking_working (1).aia (861.0 KB)

Pls check this AIA file


Pls check this AIA file

I have added an extra field for user status this value is checked everytime when user opens the application if user is allowed he/she can use application if is blocked then give a message you are not allowed to use the application and clear the tiny db value and logout the user from application ad erase all the data stored in the phone

you have provided as insufficient details to complete your request…

no web url… ?
what is your gsheet structure?
what is global email?
what is global password?

if we delete data from server user will create a new account with previous details…


Above link is for web

ID -1

But what/which extra field need to be used to check user status?

just add a extra column in your spread sheet ex- User_Status and set its default value Allow and whenever users open application check User_Status is Allow if not then log out user as per your blocks

Upsell_Ranking_working (2).aia (861.1 KB)

I have tried Changing the same… But still same issue… pls help

somewhat arranged, but it says no screen with name Screen14

As per your blocks, it seems you have not designed for sign up… every time user need to login

what i changed is, first time only you need to enter username and pwd, and if details matches, it will login successfully.

next time while screen init itslf, log in details will be taken from tinydb, and will check automatically with gsheet, again if it matches login will be successful, else it will pop up error

upsell_2.aia (863.1 KB)

pls add this block, i forget


i have removed web2, and added gsheet url in web designer part so i put call web url in hiden mode

Can you catch my work?