One card view is clicked set all to card view clicks to false

I want to know how can I achieve this, I have 12 card view on my screen and when I press one all I want is all card views clicks to go false.

I have tried the other way , like creating and setting each card view to false but can I do anything using any component stuff in kodular?

I Don’t Think It’s Acheivable with cardview.
U can try using Vertical arrangements and set them as cards and clickable on and set clickable to false if one vertical arrangement is clicked

Put all the cardview IDs into a global list

When any card view clicked
For each items in the list get global card IDs
set card view comp {get item} clickble {false}

Out of the event
Again add
Set card view compo {get comp} clickable {true}

Cardview clickable cannot be disabled. Just full clickable canbe disabled

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