One signal doesnt work - google play services library is missing

i have searched and didnt fint answers. how to fix?

the only one i find, doesnt exists anymore…

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Please let us know that are you using any extension or the in-built component for Push notification?

As a premium user you might try this extension.

i tried
it crashes the app

also i use the push component in kodular

Please show us your relevant blocks and also the designer section. Don’t use that extension and the in-built component together.

i didnt use both together
i dont have any blocks for send msg, only did it for check if work
NotepadX.aia (1.7 מ״ב)
here aia

I’m far from my computer right now. Can you please show me your relevant blocks? So I can help you in right way. Also make sure that you’ve imported and also dragged into same screen com.sunny.push-v3.aix and com.sunny.onesignaldeps_v2.aix. Both are required to drag into same screen.

Here is a very small documentation from the original developer.

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