One signal issue

My some user is showing in subscribed list and Now since 1 months when a new user are dowllnloading my app some people go to subscribed list and many user go to Google play service error list in One signal in this list many user some Android 9 to 11 users are in this list .
I set block in initialize to subscription true
So why its happennig with me i could no found the reason
Plese somone answer me

Next time please use :mag: This is a known bug related to Kodular’s latest release targeting api 30. Since you are using an old onesignal project you do not have issues with user’s that were registered before but new users can not get subscribed to onesignal. Waiting for a fix

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Check this

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Ok thank you it means it is kodular bug and kodular responsibility to fixed it


Yes its a bug. And if got your answer, then please set it as solution

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