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i want one time download system how to do it in my app when i download exmple 1 image and i press again download in website the download will start again, i want only one time download like when i click download in my webview 1st time then download will start but when i click 2nd time on download button in webview then download component detect the another file with this name is already downloading at the moment

check this post for download

pls read my topic carefully

use the notifier and after download you make the download blocks false another use clock for the 1 time download

bhai muje aisa chahiye ki jab file downloading pr lagi ho to doosri file download naa ho paye

You can use a variable with a value (0 for example) and when you click the down button the value 1 is assigned.
And in the web component you put an if.
If the variable is 0, download the file.
If it’s 1 you don’t want it to do anything so you don’t put anything.

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show me blocks

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give apk i cant understand

what do ypu do with apk, you cant make a aia fom a apk, so you cant get the blocks.

i want to check pls give me apk

Why not make yourself? By the way. How comes that your location is Brazil and your ip is India?

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why you give solution yourself if anybody help you then give to solution to him @pepocero

ok i remove solution from me

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Show off what?

Sometimes people surprise me…

We’re in this community to help each other. We’re not here to show off…

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