Onesignal component: add number notification near the button

i installed one-signal extension for using push notifications.
I have a screen with a button.
What i want is that when a notification arrives on my mobile i see the number near it… just to inform the user that there is a notification for him. Possible?

You might want to see this:

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thanks, this can be very usefull.
What i don’t know is how to apply the extension… do you have an example with blocks?
I see that he changes background color… .but on what?

What extension are you using?

that one included into kodular. It comes from one signal

Then it is called a component not an extension. An extension is something you add to Kodular. I will change your title.


If you are talking about this


Then it is not possible with Kodular. Background service is not yet supported.

And by using this extension

You can show notification badge within your app, not on your app icon.

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no, i want inside my app.
In particular i have a button that allows the user to see messages from database. Now when I will have a push notification i want that the user can see how many “messages” are available on his app.
I repeat: i don’t want the number outside the app but inside…


Then use suggested extension in #post2

yes but i cannot find an example how to use… do you have a .aia file to be download?