Onesignal issue

Hi kodular community… I have make application that has currently 1500+ downloads, I have integrated onesignal push notification in it… but when I try to send notification it shows only one subscribed user, I think i am doing something wrong please guide me… Thankyou

Hello, we need more information to be able to help you, such as your blocks.

But maybe this will help directly:
Did you set the subscription to “true” using this block (see link)?

Hi thanks for reply… I didn’t use any blocks I just followed a youtuber, he just integrated the onesignal id in this app and show some notification as an example and it was working for him. So i also follow him but it only shows 1 subscribed user

Have you tried the block? Just set the subscription to “true” for e.g. on screen initialization with the block and then everything should work.

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OK, I will try thanks for the help… Love kodular community

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