OneSignal / push notification little but great update

Hi, guys
These last times I am receiving a feedback from my users and I think most of the users of Kodular apps share it so I am making this suggestion.

I have an app of news, and it has about 30 new posts every day. Currently the users have the option to receive push notifications every time there is a new post or disable push notifications. There is no in-between. Some users want to receive up to 5 notifications for day, others 10, others want to receive all of them.

One Signal have an easy way to resolve this: We can create User Tags ( OneSignal Push Notification Service Documentation ) and send push notifications for those people tagged only. i could for example use the radio component and give 4 options of daily notifications instead.

This is only a simple problem that I had but there are many ways we as developers could use tags to send notifications according to the will or need of the user.

To implement that it only needs to add 2 or 3 new blocks.

I know the team has many important things to do but I am really enthusiastic about the possiblility of sending 100% personal notifications to each user instead of just using the great but limited options gave by OneSignal.

I searched the forum and there was something about it (actually it was about open another screen after click the notification) but the topic is of 2017 and the idea was probably lost among others.

Am I alone with that or you think it would be great too?

Will be added.


Great to know! Thanks Mika and all the others people who bring to Kodular great features and help the newbie members like me!

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I also want to implement a news app and report through onesignal of any new article. I have not found the way to read, when opening kodular, the push message. Do you have this issue solved in your environment? Thank you:)

Open a new thread to talk about it.