Suggested Changes in Future Kodular Versions!

Kodular is for sure going from better to best each new version due the amazing creativity and planning of Admins! :muscle::clap:
I would like to suggest the following changes personally:

  • Selection color in ListView is not visible when setting it in code (If user click on selection it shows color but when app does it by code it not).
  • Noification system that works even if app is closed (Send specific notifications to specific users due changes in Firebase, “GOOD FOR CHATTING APPS”).
  • Markers on Google Map component should have a button, when you click on a marker in Google Maps it should show Title, Snippet and a Button and of course an Event to handle the click on button.

Personally these changes could really help because it’s very needed in many projects. Feel free to comment and share your opinions if you think these ideas can be done nearly or impossible or they are available already but i don’t know about them :sweat_smile:.

Thanks & Happy Coding!

IDK, this may already be done :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, it’s a 33% chance it’s one of those three :wink:


I’ll keep searching for extensions or methods, and I will be happy to see your suggestions!

Thanks to Taifun, he has large collection of extensions made by different developers. Maybe you can find a extension for you.

You can find all extensions in bottom of page. :wink:

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  • Noification system that works even if app is closed (Send specific notifications to specific users due changes in Firebase, “GOOD FOR CHATTING APPS”).

I can’t say for sure because I didn’t test it yet, but I think it can already be done with the current push notification component.
I made this suggestion last month and Mika said they would add it: OneSignal / push notification little but great update - #4 by CoccoBill

Then this month a new version of Kodular was released with updates on push notification blocks:

I don’t know how you would integrate it with firebase or any other component, but I think it may be possible already.


Wow! That’s amazing, never heard of it! I will surely test it as soon as possible. Thank you very much @almeidapablo, it’s so nice of you!
Keep sharing such amazing info!

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It would be nice to have a own back sytem. ATM we have to work with variables, like, if the user click a button to open a arrangeent and close the open arragement. If you have only a few arrangements in a screen, it is not a bog work to work with variables. But if you have a few more of them, it is much work to create for each click event a back click event.
It would be nice to have a auto automatic back system or a back system where you dont have to work with much variables, like me now. My back presssed event is the biggest block in the complete screen now and if you forgot one thing to declaire, you have troubles. Or if you delete some things, you have to change the back pressed event again.


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I will surely take a look at the amaing Taifun’s Collection.
Thank you very much @yusufcihan, that’s so nice of you!

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In the meantime, to manage this problem I implemented a sort of history of the state of arrangements. Every time I change state to an arrangement I recall a small procedure that adds or removes an element from this list.
In the case of pressing a back button (which can be any key, from the Title Bar Back Button to the Back button of the smartphone, or an ad-hoc button), I analyze the last entry and with a couple of if-then I apply the operations (already proceduralized and used for managing arrangements) to assign the correct response to the user’s action. Finally I delete the entry.

It can be a bit complex to understand the general logic to be followed to implement the main procedure, but the advantage is that once implemented then you forget the management of everything else as it reduces everything to recall two procedures, eg:

screenshot_135 screenshot_136

I don’t know if it can be applied to all cases, but I have three projects in progress and in all three I’m using, with slight changes to the main procedure, the same system.

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